Sales Promotor Horeca

Spirits sales training


* Become the Top of Mind of its customers

* Acquire a thorough knowledge of the market and products

* Know how to prospect efficiently

* Get to know the customer's needs and convince him

* Be able to analyze the customer's objections and know how to answer them

* Can identify customer type / product type


* Duration: 1 day - 6 hours

* When: to be mutually agreed

* Number of participants: max. 10

* Price: To discuss

* Registration of a group of 1 to 10 participants

Coaching and individual coaching

For trade commissioners spirits


* Know how to identify strengths and weaknesses and be able to resolve them

* Be aware of the customer's expectations in relation to the philosophy of the products, how to resolve the objections of the customer

* Know how to prospect efficiently

* Being able to close a sale

* Can identify customer type / product type

* Become the first thought of your customers




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