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After 25 years of diverse experiences in the “Horeca”, Alain Vervoort created in 2010 the first “Bar Academy” in Belgium

A teacher by training, he is the first francophone to graduate from the Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET) in London, where he achieved international recognition at the Master in Spirits level. He accumulated degrees in beer, wine, coffee ...

More than 30 years of experience in the biggest “Horeca” companies as Sales Manager, Marketing Brand Manager, Business Owner, Trainer (Jet Import, EFP, Diageo, Latin American Embassies ...) and Consultant (Vivacity, Coca-Cola, ...).

His ambition: To share his expertise and his passion whilst giving a personalised approach according to the expectations and specifications of each company.

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The “Horeca” training centre “Brussels Bar Connector” benefits from a café / latte training area, four professional bars, a relaxation area and a meeting room that has all the necessary equipment.

It can accommodate up to thirty seated and an exceptional VIP area for up to six people.

Located in the city of Brussels, the centre is easily accessible by car and public transport. It has great parking facilities in the evenings and weekends.



Mickaël WANG

Passionate about coffee and self-taught, Mickaël has improved over the years.

Co-founder of Cup 28°, Kafei and K Bakery, he now has a great mastery of latte art techniques as well as coffee in general.

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Britt started Flair lessons in 2015. A year later, she created her own company specializing in cocktails.

Since then, she has never stopped practicing and perfecting herself by taking internationally renowned Flair courses.


Boupinh, passionate about spirits and cooking, launched into the world of cocktails in 2017.

Finalist Bacardi Legacy BeLux 20 and Finalist Patron Perfectionist BeNeLux 20, he is interested in the process of creating cocktails and giving meaning to each creation.


Boupinh LAM




Bartender Training

Individual registration

No experience required

Barista Lait Verser

Barista Training

Individual registration

No experience required

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Spirits Training

Individual registration

No experience required