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Mix : Cocktail Workshop &

Recording of a song

Lilly Studio.jpeg
Lilly Studio.jpeg

Combination : Cocktail workshop & Registration


During a bachelorette party, a birthday, ... take advantage of a music studio with your group to immortalize a piece of music of your choice.

Combine a cocktail workshop followed by check-in.

Receive this recording as a souvenir.


* Duration: +- 1 h

* Price: € 8 / person

* Number of participants: min. 8 / max. 15

Formula:     After your cocktail workshop, recording session


Lilly Studio.jpeg

Recording session
Lilly Studio

Take advantage of a recording studio to make your dream come true!


* Duration: minimum 1 hour

* Price: €30 / 1 hour

* Number of participants: to be discussed

Link to the site: Coming soon

Lilly Studio.jpeg
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